Image of Prefect Treat - Floor is Lava
28 Mar

Prefect Treat - Floor is Lava

Year 6 prefects treat - floor is lava

Image of Celebration Assembly 28/3/2024
28 Mar

Celebration Assembly 28/3/2024

We held a very special assembly today. Not only did we announce our Easter winners but we also said a farewell to our Chair of Governors, Mrs Doris Bell. Doris has been working in education for over 52 years. Not only did we want to celebrate the support Doris has given Gillibrand but also celebrate and mark her commitment to education.

Image of Easter Bonnet Competition
28 Mar

Easter Bonnet Competition

This week we celebrated Easter with an Easter bonnet competition to promote and celebrate children’s confidence and self-belief.

Image of KS2 Easter Scavenger Hunt
28 Mar

KS2 Easter Scavenger Hunt

Our KS2 pupils took part in an exciting Easter themed scavenger hunt combing their geography field work and orienteering skills to earn an Easter treat. The sun shone and pupils enjoyed working together with friends from other classes. Take a look here for some more pictures.

Image of KS2 Egg Decorating Competition
28 Mar

KS2 Egg Decorating Competition

Our KS2 pupils have enjoyed getting creative in our egg decorating competition themed around the love of books. Thank you so much to all the pupils and families who took part. Pupils and staff across school enjoyed celebrating books by walking round our school hall and guessing the book whilst admiring the fabulous designs. Take a look here at some of the truely magnificent creations:

Image of Easter Bunny Visit
27 Mar

Easter Bunny Visit

What a lovely surprise the children of Gillibrand had with a visit from the Easter bunny. Staff and pupils alike enjoyed a chocolate treat as the Easter Bunny hopped, jumped and bounced through our school. Take a look at the joy he brought to our school...

Image of Father Jordan's Easter Assembly
27 Mar

Father Jordan's Easter Assembly

Father Jordan from All Saints Church visited school to teach children about the meaning of sacrifice and why it is important to Christians at Easter time...

Image of Cross Country Competition
25 Mar

Cross Country Competition

Members of KS2 recently competed in a cross country competition against other schools at Astley Park.

Image of RockSteady Concert March 2014
20 Mar

RockSteady Concert March 2014

This term our Rocksteady bands have had ended with another showcase of their talents. We have an increasing number of pupils who are developing their passions and interests and embracing opportunities to follow their dreams for becoming a musician and singer. You never know we may have a future rockstar at Gillibrand!

Image of Easter Bingo
20 Mar

Easter Bingo

The hall was brimmed for our Easter Bingo event….literally a full house! It was lovely to bring so many members of our school community together to raise money to enhance the children’s primary school experiences. A massive thank you goes to Mrs Whittam who led and organised the whole event and not forgetting to the staff for helping run the event. Take a look at some photos…

Image of Year 3 Teddy Tennis
19 Mar

Year 3 Teddy Tennis

Year 3 have been learning new tennis skills from Coach Tom and his team at Teddy Tennis this half-term.

Image of Year 3 visit to Accrington eco-station
19 Mar

Year 3 visit to Accrington eco-station

Year 3 went on the train recently as we visited Accrington eco-station and had an afternoon learning in their on-site classroom.