At Gillibrand, we continuously review and evaluate our curriculum to ensure pupils receive the best possible education and achieve the highest standards in all subjects. We value  all subjects and ensure each one is given equal importance, with a clear understanding that all children have their talents that can be seen and promoted in a wide range of areas. Through our inter-related approach, we ensure that skills are transferred across subjects and that children are given opportunities to consolidate their understanding whilst retaining prior knowledge.

We have ensured we meet and go beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum by personalising the curriculum to reflect our school’s vision, values and mission statement and taking into account the needs of our pupils.  Furthermore, we have ensured our curriculum is tailored to create purposeful links with our local and wider community.

Our curriculum is enhanced by providing an extensive range of extra-curricular activities that extend the formal curriculum.  We continuously work together as a staff, alongside governors, parents and pupils, to reflect on, and develop our curriculum as we constantly strive for the highest of standards.  We regularly share pupils’ achievements and celebrate their work with parents and our community through a range of events such as art exhibitions, learning mornings, music performances, baking events.

Throughout the curriculum, our school’s aim is to enable our pupils to make the best possible progress in each subject. We use pre-learning activities so that teachers can see what pupils already know, understand and can do. Teachers use this information to plan learning that meets the needs of all the pupils. They engage pupils in post- learning activities to assess how well the pupils have learned, how much they have retained in their memory, and therefore, what needs to form the next steps in their learning.   

The following pages outline how we implement our creative curriculum.   Simply, click on the sub-menu, on the left-hand side to view each subject.

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