At Gillibrand we aim to develop a fun, practical and engaging high-quality DT curriculum that inspires the next generation to become creative, expressive and imaginative thinkers. We do this through fully adhering to the aims of the national curriculum and fostering a healthy curiosity and interest in the different aspects of DT. At the heart of our DT curriculum is to encourage the pupils to design and make a final product. Wherever possible we intend to deliver lessons, as a journey, where children learn through a process of evaluating, making and then designing a product. We believe DT encompasses the acquisition of knowledge and breeds a positive attitude to learning, teaching perseverance, and empowering our children to be confident creative thinkers, solving problems as they go through their learning journey.  Throughout the curriculum, the children will acquire and develop the key knowledge and skills that has been identified within each topic and across each year group. We ensure that all staff make learning fun and creative ensuring that they give pupils to the time to develop their skills and knowledge to become the best creative, expressive and imaginative thinker that they can possibly be.



At Gillibrand DT is taught as a journey by evaluating, designing and making a product. We use this journey to supplement and engage learning through other subjects. We use the national curriculum to help plan a skill based curriculum that shows clear progression throughout the year groups.  As part of this journey the pupils have DT books that show this process starting with the evaluation of existing products, designing their product and then making their product. As they move through their journey evaluation is an integral part of the design process and allows the children to adapt and improve their product, this is a key skill which they need throughout their life. As part of this process we are always looking at providing the pupils with a wider range of experience and will invite DT experts to come into school to extend learning.



The successful approach to the teaching of DT at Gillibrand results in a fun, engaging, high quality DT education, that ensures progress, retention of knowledge and provides children with the foundations for understanding the world that they can take with them once they complete their primary education. We provide memorable experiences that encourage children to be curious thinkers and intelligent questioners. Children take pride in their DT work and the products they create.