16 Nov

RE lesson with Reverend Andrew

In RE this week, Reverend Andrew from Trinity Church came to teach us about the different versions of the nativity story in the gospels. The children listened really well and we all learned something new about the Christmas story. 

16 Nov

Headteacher’s Award

Well done to Amy and Cordelia  

You have shown perseverance and self belief this week and achieved some amazing results in your writing. 

16 Nov

Year 2 Gymnastics

Year 2 have been using the new gymnastics equipment to showcase their travels, balances and jumps. 



16 Nov

Times Tables

See the source image


Year 4 have been working on their times tables. They have been completing the Times Table Rock Star tests and using the online game.

Keep practising Year 4!

15 Nov

Year 1 Great Fire of London

We had a visit from 'Professor Tuesday' this week.  She worked with the children throughout the day, teaching them all about 'The Great Fire' in 1666.  The children built London then used drama to recreate the spreading and subsequent halting of the fire (but not before a great deal of destruction…

12 Nov

Remembrance Day Celebration in Year 5

Today the whole school invited parents, grandparents and the local community into school to look at all the work that they have been doing on WW1. In Year 5 we looked at which countries where involved as an Allied force or as a Central Power. The children also made poppies and wrote messages to…

9 Nov

Great Fire of London Houses

Year 2 have been making houses in the style of the Tudor houses that were destroyed during The Great Fire of London. 

Have a look at their amazing work!




9 Nov

Lest We Forget

To commemorate the upcoming Rememberance Day, the children have been using their art skills to create images of poppies and just look at their fabulous paintings!

9 Nov

Anglo Saxon Workshop

On Monday, Year 4 were visited by Mildreth, an Anglo Saxon lady.  She shared with the children what life was like during Anglo Saxon times.  They children were able to examine a range of artefacts and identify their use.  They also learned about daily life and how the Anglo Saxons worked together…

8 Nov

School Values

This half term our core value that we are focusing on in school and discussing with the children is self belief.

We want all the children at Gillibrand to believe in their own abilities. Every classroom has the following words on the wall:

I can't do it....yet!

I know that all the…

7 Nov

World War One Week

This week, Year 6 have been learning about World War One. The children have been going back in time to become a soldier in ‘the great war’. The children’s work will be displayed for parents to see on Monday at our 100 year celebration afternoon. Hope to see you…

5 Nov

Year 4 and 5 Judo Lessons

Year 4 and 5 started their judo lessons this half term and it was clear to see that they are all enjoying learning a new sport.

Keep up the good work!