18 Jan

Geometry - properties of shape

This week the children have been learning about the  properties of shape 

We went out on to the playground using the iPads and found lines which were horizontal, vertical and also pairs of perpendicular and parallel lines. 

Then today the children have looked at different pieces of art work…

18 Jan


The children had their second judo session today.  They refined their 'pin down' and learned how to fall safely.


17 Jan

Palm Oil Debate

This week we have been learning about the language of debate and writing our own discursive text.  Inspired by the recently banned Iceland advert, we have been looking at reasons for and against banning the production of palm oil through deforestation.  Visit our blog to view the video and read…

11 Jan

Pre Learning Sessions - Let It Grow

We all had a fabulous time during are pre-learning sessions learning about plants.  Thank you to the parents, carers and family members who came into class to learn alongside us.

9 Jan

Amazing Architecture Pre-learning Afternoon

We held our pre-learning afternoon today to showcase our new topic to parents. The children and their parents researched information on several famous pieces of architecture in London, then created a model using a range of construction materials. We had some amazing creations! Over the next few…

21 Dec

Christmas Art and DT week in Year 5

Year 5 have had a fantastic week making Christmas cards, calendars, Christmas stockings and mince pies.  It has been great fun to get into the Christmas spirit whilst embedding our design technology skills.


20 Dec

Christmas Lunch

We enjoyed a fantastic Christmas lunch today with great food, singing, crackers, party hats and the usual terrible jokes from the crackers!!!  The children all had a great time.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


14 Dec

Bulb lasagne

Today Year 4 have cleared out one of the planters on the KS2 playground.  They harvested some lovely radish and carrots.  The children then created a bulb lasagne.  They planted different bulbs in different layers of compost.  We look forward to seeing the flowers bloom in the…

14 Dec

Animals including Humans - Nutrition

Today in Science the children have been looking at nutrition and how much sugar is in drinks.

We looked at different kinds of drinks and the children predicted how much sugar was in each drink. The children were shocked to find out that 15 sugar cubes are in one can of coke. Then children then…

11 Dec


We continued our work on anti-bullying today.  The children watched two videos from BBC Bitesize and we spoke about our experiences.  The children agreed on the importance of telling a grown up and the children were reassured that they would not be in trouble for reporting cases of bullying.  The…

7 Dec

Visit to Living Waters

Year 2 visited Living Waters Foodbank to donate some Christmas chocolate.


7 Dec

New Blogging Page

My new blogging page can now be accessed via the following link: