12 Jul

Samba Drumming In Year 4

Today Year 4 performed Samba drumming for the parents and to some of KS2. Over the last term the pupils have been practising playing the many different instruments that make up the Samba band. Well done everyone.  


22 Jan

Shading skills

Year 4 have been developing their drawing skills this week.  They have been looking at how to shade in order to add tone and texture.  They worked really hard to produce some super work.

Well done!


14 Dec

Bulb lasagne

Today Year 4 have cleared out one of the planters on the KS2 playground.  They harvested some lovely radish and carrots.  The children then created a bulb lasagne.  They planted different bulbs in different layers of compost.  We look forward to seeing the flowers bloom in the…

27 Nov

Christmas Baubles in Year 4

Year 4 have been using their knowledge of papier mache to create 3D shapes - Christmas baubles.             



23 Nov

Throwing and catching

Year 4 have been improving their throwing and catching skills in PE today.  They have been playing 'bench ball' and they have had to think about how to pass effectively and work as a team.


16 Nov

Times Tables

See the source image


Year 4 have been working on their times tables. They have been completing the Times Table Rock Star tests and using the online game.

Keep practising Year 4!

9 Nov

Anglo Saxon Workshop

On Monday, Year 4 were visited by Mildreth, an Anglo Saxon lady.  She shared with the children what life was like during Anglo Saxon times.  They children were able to examine a range of artefacts and identify their use.  They also learned about daily life and how the Anglo Saxons worked together…

1 Nov

Science investigation

Today, as part of our science topic 'States of Matter,' Year 4 have been investigating how quickly chocolate buttons melt. They tested 3 different types of chocolate buttons, taking care to carry out a fair test. There were some interesting results.

All the children predicted that the chocolate…

17 Oct

Outdoor Perimeter

Year 4 went outside today and drew a variety of rectangles and squares of given measurements.  They then had to calculate the perimeter.  The children worked hard and made some very careful measurements.



12 Oct

Oobleck in Year 4

Year 4 had great fun making oobleck. 

They mixed together cornflour and water.  Once mixed, it behaved in a very strange way.  This mixture is known as a Non Newtonian fluid.  See what else you can find out about this fascinating fluid!


9 Oct


After almost half a term of being taught some of the skills of judo - to pin our opponent down and to get out of a hold, Year 4 competed against each other in small groups. I have to say, they all performed well and each child gained a certificate. All the children showed that they had been…

28 Sep

Human and physical features

Year 4 have been learning about human and physical features in geography.  Today we went into the school grounds and took photos of each type of feature. 

We then used Digimap to plot them on a map of the school grounds.