Sycamore Class have had a great morning with the Junior Stem Robotics workshop.  Initally they built a basic structure and had to program it to move using a simple algorithm.  Once the children had become accustomed to the equipment, they were set a challenge to create a moving monster.  The children worked in pairs and built an alligator.  The final product had to open and close its mouth when a sensor was activated. 

It was great watching the children work and figure out how to solve problems.

Here are some of their comments about the session:

"Today I learned about STEM and algorithms."    -   Kai

"Today I have learned to code and co operate with a partner."  -  Alexia

"I had a really fun morning leaning some skills such as algorithms, coding and perseverance."  -  Sienna

"We had to learn how to debug and repair our creations"  -  Josh